What are the trust services?

The use of electronic services carries the particular danger that in time of dynamical developments of technology is a significant obstacle. However, providers meet new needs by offering trust services.


The role of trust services 

Trust services enable safe electronic transactions that happen between consumers, business entity, or public administration.


As a result of the usage of trust services by companies, public administration, and consumers, the transfer of many activities on a digital level while maintaining important procedures and standards is possible. It means that users in a comfortable and mobile way can, among other things:

  • conclude contracts of employment
  • conclude contracts: client – company or company – company
  • secure electronic correspondence
  • confirm tickets or certification authenticity
  • automatically issued a certificates


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Digital trust services’ catalogue 

What trust services can be found in eIDAS regulation?

  • electronic signature
  • electronic seal
  • electronic time stamping
  • validation
  • conservation
  • electronic registered delivery
  • website certifying


Electronic signature

It is data collection that is purposely used as a signature by a natural person. It allows to submit an electronic statement, confirm the document. Detailed information can be obtained in the BASIC training in electronic signature.


Electronic seal 

It is confirmation that a given digital document comes from a specific legal person and can only be used by this person. It proves that the documents have not changed and confirms their authenticity.


Electronic time stamping 

It guarantees the safety of electronic documents by binding them with a specific time – from the stamping moment, no modification has been made.



It is the service that provides proves of electronic signature and electronic seal validity.



It grants prolongation of technical possibilities of verification of electronic signature and electronic seal.


Electronic registered delivery 

It allows transmission of electronic data, serves as proof of usage of these data, and secures them from robbery, damage, or unauthorised change.


Website certifying 

Validate websites by signing them to the specific expositor.


Qualified trust services providers

Polish registry of qualified trust services providers contains only few companies that can provide them. This registry is available for everyone on the National Certifying Center website. It is worth noting that in European Union is 200 different suppliers and their services have the same legal power.




Qualified trust services are those provided by the qualified supplier. This supplier has to meet the requirements listed in the eIDAS regulation.


Legal acts that regulate trust services
The most important regulation on which trust services stand on is eIDAS from 23rd of July 2016. It determines and standardises electronic transactions’ process in European countries, guaranteeing their safety.


The Polish law includes the Act on trust services and electronic identification from the 5th of September 2016. Its purpose is to determine the role of functioning electronic identification in Poland and control trust services.


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Date of publication: 9.09.2020