Paperless Business – Commercialisation of eID and Trust Services in Poland and Europe – a report

The “PAPERLESS BUSINESS – Commercialisation of eID and Trust Services in Poland and Europe” report is the third in a series of publications by on this important area of digital economy.

The report includes:
– a map of Polish providers of electronic identification services and trust services;
– the European perspective – the growth of the market abroad and its impact on Poland;
– the potential for commercialisation of eID and trust services within selected market sectors (finance, telecommunications, post and others);
– how to orient the development of tools, such as video verification, use of identification offered by identity providers, electronic signature on the fly, signature platforms, signature validation and electronic delivery, to ensure universal take-up by consumers and businesses.  In the report, we present expert opinions and the findings of research conducted among market participants.

The Report was unveiled on 29-30 May 2019 at the 19th European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services Conference in Szczecin –

The European Electronic Signature Forum is the Main Patron of the Report.

The report was published under the Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Asseco Data Systems SA, the National Clearing House are the Partners of the Report, whereas Polska 5.0 Foundation served as the Social Patron of the Report. The SIGNICAT, go.eIDAS are the Partners of the English version of the Report.

You are welcome to read our Report, free of charge.

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