Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit

The 5th international Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit conference will be held soon, on 27 February!It will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to travel to Warsaw to meet big data experts of top companies from all over the world! The conference has grown in popularity over the years and will welcome over 500 participants in this year’s edition.  Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit is a joint undertaking of GetinData and Evention.  The conference programme is filled with interesting case studies.

Have you ever wondered how one of the most popular media streaming services is able to manage the technical side of customer service? We will be hosting Monal Daxini, a big data specialist from Netflix, who will present his experience in building a streaming platform that can collect information that is useful for business purposes.

Max Schultze, data engineer at Zalando, will discuss the interesting issue of the challenges that emerged during the construction and operation of the data pipelines used to complete the entire company’s move to the cloud.

Suneel Marthi, data engineer at Amazon Web Services (a technology division of the global e-commerce giant) will speak about the use of convolutional neural network models in the processing segmentation of satellite imagery for agricultural applications, and his experience in training a Deep Learning model to recognise tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Have you ever wondered how always manages to produce the best 5 results to any search query?  Priyanka Prakash and Arihant Gupta from will share their experiences with the evolution of search engines, made possible by capturing multiple behavioural data points.

Mateusz Fedoryszak, expert and data scientist at Twitter, has also confirmed his attendance, and will talk about the role of data scientists in developing new technology projects and share his experiences of working with the Silicon Valley media giant.

BDTWS 2019 will also host members of the financial sector. Erik Zeitler from Klarna, a Swedish high tech bank, will speak about the company’s methods of improving customer verification and fraud detection processes by using advanced software engineering solutions.  Krzysztof Adamski and Rob Keevil from ING, a global financial conglomerate, will discuss the topic of modern platforms for data analysis.

The conference will also be joined by speakers from the world of open-source projects.  Dawid Wysakowicz from Data Artisans will speak about detecting patterns in event streams using Apache Flink. Jon Bratseth, representing Oath, will discuss the functionality of in terms of machine learning model assessment, while Robin Moffatt will speak about event-driven architectures built on Apache Kafka.

The conference will also include some very popular workshops. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics and issues: building basic skills in the Hadoop ecosystem, creating a simple ML model, or watching simulations of real applications of the Kubernetes platform.

Also of note is the compelling format of the conference. In addition to gaining knowledge during lectures and workshops, you will also be able to share your experiences in round table discussion sessions or make new connections during a networking event.

By using the code “” you can receive a 10% discount on the conference participation fee!

If you’re interested, please contact:; 570 611 911