The Golden Banker 2022

On 7 June 2022, the winners of the thirteenth edition of the Golden Banker ranking were announced, a key event in the Polish banking sector that annually assesses the quality of services and products offered by banks in Poland. Organized by and Puls Biznesu, the ranking is co-created by and Minds & Roses and supported by Mastercard and new partners TestArmy, Symetria UX, and


As part of the Złoty Bankier 2022 project, multichannel customer service quality surveys were conducted in 14 central Polish banks in the year’s first quarter. The research assessed the approach to the customer, the ability to identify their needs, the presentation of the offer, and the overall usability of the service channels, focusing on mobile and digital channels. The research aimed not only to assess but also to raise the standards of customer service, focusing on the most critical aspects from the customer’s point of view.


Santander Bank Polska won the title of Golden Bank 2022, demonstrating the best multi-channel service quality. Getin Noble Bank and ING Bank Śląski came second and third, respectively, confirming their strong position in the banking market.


In the Safe Bank – Best Practices category, which assessed the security of online and mobile banking systems, mBank, BNP Paribas Bank Polska, and Alior Bank were the best performers. In this category, TestArmy’s support partner carried out detailed security and stability audits of the banks’ servers, which allowed the systems’ compliance with the best security practices to be assessed.


Stepping into the realm of fintech innovation, PKO Ubezpieczenia and SoftPos have emerged as the frontrunners. PKO Ubezpieczenia’s groundbreaking insurance solutions and SoftPos’s revolutionary approach to mobile payments have not only made a significant impact on the financial market but also hold immense potential for further development. These innovative projects are a beacon of the future of banking.


For those seeking a deeper understanding, detailed research results for individual banks are readily available in dedicated reports. These comprehensive reports, a valuable resource for interested institutions, offer a profound insight into individual achievements and areas for improvement. This wealth of information is instrumental in the continuous enhancement of the quality of banking services.


The Golden Banker ranking not only highlights the achievements of industry leaders but also raises the standards of the entire sector, making it one of the most important research projects in the Polish banking industry.