#4 UX Power Day – a seminar for Telco

Coming soon – the next in a series of one-day interactive seminars aimed at the telecommunications, financial and administrative sectors, and devoted to the ease-of-use of services and interfaces.

The main purpose of the seminars is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between the participants with regard to their roles in their respective companies, and present an opportunity for the participants to learn about user needs identification and trends in service design.

Each seminar is devoted to a specific subject of current importance to the participants.  The seminars are held periodically. The content of the seminars includes a theoretical segment in the form of expert presentations, and a workshop segment in the form of practical exercises and real-time interaction with users. The practical approach of the event is further demonstrated by the fact that participants will gain information about their products from actual users and will leave the seminar with pretested ideas for improvements.

The seminars are organized by UX Symmetry and Obserwatorium.biz.