The report “eIDAS 2.0 – what is it and how will it change the digital market?”

The report “eIDAS 2.0 – what is it and how will it change the digital market?” is a comprehensive guide to the new eIDAS 2.0 Regulation. You will find information not only on what it concerns and what new services it introduces but also on how it will affect the digital market. The report was created by experts. The premiere presentation of the conclusions from the study took place on June 20-th, 2024. during the “Trusted Economy Forum – Polish Edition – eIDAS 2.0“.

Main findings of the Report – eIDAS 2.0 in questions and answers

Which markets, services and entities are affected by eidas 2.0?0?

  • Notified electronic identification schemes.
  • Trust service providers established in the EU.
  • Businesses using Strong User Authentication


What new solutions and services is it introducing?

  • European Digital Identity Wallet.
  • Electronic attestation of attributes.
  • Electronic archiving of data and documents.
  • Recording of electronic data in a registry.
  • Management of remote electronic signature and seal devices.


What are the primary benefits of eIDAS 2.0 implementation for the digital market, companies and citizens?

  • Improved identification of people using a wide variety of services regardless of industry and scale.
  • Simplified access to digital services across the EU.
  • Enhanced user control over data sharing.
  • Simplified access to qualified electronic signatures.


When does it come into force?

  • The eIDAS 2.0 regulation came into force on May 20th, 2024.
  • Mandatory eIDAS 2.0 compliance audit for TSPs May 21st, 2026.
  • The final expected date for Member States to issue portfolios is November 2026.


Please, feel free to download the Report for free HERE.


Date of publication: 20.06.2024