Build information security for your company

Build information security for your company – consulting project for startups, small, and big companies

What is the best way to start your experience with safety?
Designing a safety information management system requires answers to a few questions:
Where are your clients’ data stored? Who has and who should have access to them? Do you control who has access to your company’s data? Are you concern that you will lose access to important information?

In, we execute consulting projects that enable you to plan your company’s safety in a complex way and take into account these aspects that need exclusive attention and directly meets your clients’ needs.


What we can achieve as a part of the consulting project:

1. Plan your safety:

  • get to know your company in terms of information that require protection ( the analysis lasts around 7 business days)
  • assign basic security responsibilities ( the service lasts max 3 business days)
  • find out why some of your data require exclusive attention (the analysis lasts around 3 to 4 business days)
  • create the rules of conduct for your organisation (rule creation time – max 3 business days)
  • provide educated personnel

the service lasts no longer than 3 weeks


2. Design security, according to your individual needs – what will you gain?

  • report about the level of good and bad safety practices applied in your company
  • transparent and useful safety procedures optimised to the actual needs of your organisation
  • directions on how to secure your relations with contractors (ex.g. examples of contractual clauses, recommendations on the range of choices of the communication)
  • cataloged information categories according to the sensitivity level (ex.g. sensitive, inside)
  • knowledge about the ways to reduce the circulation of paper documents and to increase the safety of their proceedings

the time of service depends on the composed range of services – no longer than 2 months


3. Prepare your organisation for ISO 27001 or IOS 22301 certificate.

The moment when you decide to start the certification process proves the maturity of the organisation. As, we have a team of experts who have the knowledge and experience in preparing the companies for certification in the field of:

  • the information security management system – ISO 27001
  • business continuity management system – ISO 22301


In our work, we take the compound approach to prepare your organisation for certification. To this end: we plan security with you, and we integrate personalised safety requirements into the organisation’s processes. We also help implement and actuate safety processes, monitor your progress, and prepare audit that prepares for the certification.

Time from the beginning of the certification process to the moment when the certificate is obtained – depends on the nature and size of the organisation – estimates from 6 to 12 months.


The certificate issued by the accredited certification body confirms that your company’s processes are based on safety requirements consistent with the international standards.


What do you gain from having the certificate?

  • The proof of the implemented management system consistent with the requirements of the international norms.
  • The negotiating asset in the relations with your trading partners.
  • the image of the company that takes the safety of the clients and contractors’ information seriously.


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