eIDAS 2.0 Workshops for QTSP – Changes in the European Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services

Electronic customer identification and trust services such as electronic signatures and e-Delivery are gaining increasing importance. In the European Union, this area of the economy and administration is regulated by the eIDAS Regulation, which is currently undergoing changes. 
To prepare our current and potential clients for these changes, we have prepared a dedicated workshop offer that allows an understanding of the main issues arising from the new regulation. These will also allow a given company to determine the consequences and business potential of these changes. The training may particularly interest representatives of organizations such as trust service providers, electronic identification solution providers, technology companies, banks, and insurance companies.

What will you learn during this dedicated training? 

  • What is eIDAS 2.0, specifically:
    • What is the European Digital Identity Wallet (EDIW) 
    • What is the reference architecture of EDIW 
    • What is electronic attenstation of attributes 
    • What are the new trust services: electronic archiving and electronic ledger 
    • What are the main dates associated with the implementation of eIDAS 2.0
  • What are the main challenges and requirements for trust service providers (QTSP) and service providers who will have to accept EDIW in connection with the implementation of eIDAS 2.0?
  • What are the technical and legal requirements for EDIW and current and new trust services?
  • What are the business opportunities, models, challenges, and opportunities for business resulting from the new regulation? 

Contact our representative directly to present the training offer. 
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What are the terms of training implementation? 

  • Online or onsite training at your headquarters 
  • 4 hours of training and workshop 
  • Part substantive, part creative, Q&A session 
  • Number of participants on the client’s side to be determined  

Who will conduct the training:

Our clients 

The competencies of our team have been recognized by many companies and institutions operating in the Polish and international market over the past years. Selected clients include:

  • Asseco Data Systems 
  • Autenti 
  • Evrotrust 
  • Swisscom 
  • KIR 
  • PWPW

About Obserwatorium.biz 

We are a team of specialists in finance and technology with extensive experience in managing technological and business projects in financial institutions,eID and trust services providers and public administration. We cooperate with a number of experts who support us in implementing individual projects. 

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