Do UX audit and obtain clients trust?

What is the UX audit?
The UX (user experience) audit aim is to correct users’ experiences with a given website of application. In business, these kinds of services are more and more popular because clients’ expectations of functionality and user-friendliness of electronic products are increasing. Fulfilling them is connected with greater loyalty and trust, and therefore more income.


What is the UX audit?
Internet websites audit consist of:

  • analysis, which is about finding mistakes
  • analysis of users activities
  • usefulness tests, which check the influence of the website content on sales
  • creating UX layout that shows website elements that need improvements


What are the benefits of doing the audit?

Increasing conversions, so the ratio of sales, newsletter submissions, or leads to website traffic. It means that the concern’s profile will be higher. However, besides that, you can count on:

  • users loyalty – functional and intuitive website will have that clients to visit it more often
  • reducing the need to guide users through the processes on the website, therefore the lower overload of the Customer Service Department


For whom is the offer?
For all companies and organisations that want to develop a better relationship with customers, and thus increase their profits by using the UX strategy.


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