Analyzing foreign markets for Qualified Trust Service Providers & Identity Proofing Providers

Information about the market and competitors’ products is important for any company in building its product strategy and creating a competitive advantage. The trust services and electronic identity market in the European Union is constantly changing and developing, which as, we actively monitor.

The changes are due to:

  • Reorganization of the approach of enterprises and users themselves.
  • The pandemic exposed the shortcomings of digitization and forced an acceleration of change.
  • The attitude of citizens themselves in individual countries
  • The amendment of the eIDAS regulation, especially in the context of the introduction of the European Digital Identity Wallet


What can we prepare as part of an analytical project?

  • in-depth analysis of a specific market/country in terms of services, providers, local regulations
  • horizontal analysis of a particular service, e.g., e-signature or qualified electronic signature or identity wallet across all EU markets
  • an update on the regulatory status regarding the progress of eIDAS 2.0 and related regulations
  • an overview of trust and eID service providers in the EU (number of players per country, services provided)
  • in-depth analysis of specific trust services, eID providers, and identity-proofing providers


What are our working tools?

  • interviews with market experts on the selected market area
  • statistical research
  • legal and technological analyses
  • desk research
  • solution testing (e.g., UX)
  • cooperation with experts in law, IT, e-Commerce, UX
  • knowledge of hired experts (ETSI members, eiDAS, and eID experts)



We are a team of experts in the field of finance and technology with extensive experience in conducting technological and business projects in financial institutions, IT and public administration. We cooperate with a number of specialists who support us in the implementation of individual projects.


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