EFPE 2019

The 19th European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services 2019 is coming soon. This year’s conference will be held on: 29-30 May 2019 in the Centrum Kultury Euroregionu Stara Rzeźnia (“Stara Rzeźnia” Euroregion Culture Centre) in Szczecin

The main theme of this year’s conference is: Paperless business. Inevitable or impossible?

The EFPE 2019 presentations and debates will focus on the latest market trends and legal changes around the e-signature. Their scope includes: the eID market in the national and European perspective, ease-of-use of eID and trust services in the context of customer needs, eID and trust services from the business perspective, the legislative and administrative perspectives, eID and trust service providers, and finally – future market development prospects.

Details regarding this year’s topics are available on the conference website. is a content partner of the Forum and is assisting the Organisers in preparing the agenda for the event.

We highly recommend the event and encourage you to participate!