European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services

The 20th European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services 2019 is coming soon. This year’s conference will be held online on: 30 September 2020.

The main theme of this year’s conference is: „Trusted Economy”.

At the meeting with experts from all over the world, we will take a look at the security and trust services market, including e-signature, from several perspectives. We will verify the market situation in the context of the events of the past three months (COVID-19). Together we will consider how it has affected the development of paperless solutions, both on the domestic and international markets. We will present this approach from the point of view of legal acts regulating it. We will show the best examples of implementations in the business environment. In panel discussions, we will take a look at trust services in the context of new technologies, such as blockchain, 5G network or IoT. We will talk about the impact of trust services and innovative solutions on each other.

Details regarding this year’s topics are available on the conference website. is a content partner of the Forum and is assisting the Organisers in preparing the agenda for the event.

We highly recommend the event and encourage you to participate!