9th International Conference CommonSign Warsaw 2019

9th International Conference CommonSign Warsaw 2019

E-administration and e-business in Poland – where we are, where are we going?

Electronic Signature Interoperability Summit

29th October 2019, Warsaw


NASK – National Research Institute, Autenti, Obserwatorium.biz, Trusted Information Consulting and Medien Service invite you to participate actively in the next, ninth conference devoted to the issues of electronic signature, electronic identification and trust services in the conditions of increasing needs in the area of efficient functioning of eAdministration and e-business in Poland.

The aim of the CommomSign conference, from the first edition, is to build mechanisms for the interoperability of electronic signature and e-identification at the level of mutual information exchange and cooperation between stakeholders.

In the program of this year’s Commonsign conference, we plan presentations and
discussions on such current and important topics as:

  • implementation of an e-ID card in Poland,
  • mIdentity application and similar
  • new services of Polish e-administration
  • e-business and e-administration for environmental protection in Poland
  • e-resident: Estonia’s flagship hit
  • E-bill
  • e-invoice
  • e-payment
  • electronic registered letter
  • Electronic Medical Documentation
  • blockchain in administration
  • 5G LTE network challenge
  • Industry 4.0 challenge
  • public cloud
  • Act on the National Cyber Security System – new obligations for public administration
  • the actual state of information security in selected key areas of social and economic life in Poland (eg energy, communal services, e-government, ehealth, e-banking)
  • certification of IT tools and hardware in Poland in the field of cybersecurity
  • digital skills.

The organisers have prepared a special offer just for you – by using the code “Obserwatorium.biz” you can receive a 20% discount on the conference participation fee!