Złoty Bankier 2019 – Finding The Golden Bank


Kantar TNS and Obserwatorium.biz have commenced their study on the multi-channel quality of service in the largest Polish banks, as part of the Złoty Bankier 2019 (Golden Banker 2019) project.

Obserwatorium.biz and Kantar TNS will verify the multi-channel quality of service in 16 key banks. The banks covered by the study are: Alior Bank, Bank Pocztowy, Santander, BGŻ BNP Paribas, BOŚ Bank, Citibank, CreditAgricole, Eurobank, Getin Bank, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, Millennium, Nest Bank, Pekao SA, PKO BP, Plus Bank.

The team of auditors will visit 915 branches, open 96 online- or mobile-enabled personal accounts, and make 960 remote contacts with banks. Assessed factors will include: the bank’s approach towards the customer, their ability to identify customer needs, and the general quality of customer service. The assessment will extend to all of the bank’s service channels and their utility. The aim of the study is to promote better quality of service at financial institutions and draw attention to the areas deemed important by the customers.

Secure bank – best practices

The winners will be selected based on the results of the two-moths audit of mobile/online banking systems security, including best practices in the field of security. The audit will include security and stability testing of the banks’ servers by cybersecurity experts. The aim of the study is to assess online and mobile banking systems in terms of their compliance with best practices in the field of security.

The methodology of the utility studies has been verified by Symetria UX. The security tests will be conducted by Obserwatorium.biz in collaboration with the company Securing.

Detailed results will be available only to specific banks in the form of dedicated reports.

Results by category will be announced in April at the Złoty Bankier 2019 Award Ceremony.