Electronic signature step by step. Where do you get it?

There are more and more digital solutions on the market. They aim to improve document circulation in the company and public administration. For beginners, the first steps towards the usage of e-documents can turn out to be problematic.


Benefits from the usage of electronic signature


The list of conveniences associated with obtaining the electronic signature is long. It is worth emphasising some of them before considering obtaining the electronic signature.


The frugality of time and money 

Keeping the paper document circulation involves searching, copying, or scanning them, and all of these activities consume time every day. In the case of e-documents founding and sending correct data can be made with just a few clicks. It also reflects in finances – we reduce expenses connected with office suppliers or transferring contracts by letter.


Comfort and doubled security 

You can sign the e-document regardless of your whereabouts and time, and signed data could be secured in a way suited to the threat level (robbery, modification, or deprivation). The possibility to put a signature from home allows priceless security because of the prevailing pandemic. Also, it allows you to transfer part of your work into the digital space whenever you need it.


Space and ecology 

By transferring the documents’ archive into computer memory, we expand usually limited space. It also reduces the intake of paper thus is a part of the ecologic idea of paperless*.


*Paperless means the reduction or as much as possible – complete resignation of the use of paper


What you should know before obtaining an electronic signature.

Get yourself acquainted with mandatory legal provisions. 

It is a crucial step that determines what kind of electronic signature is necessary to sign online documents.


Talk with your contractors about e-documents

You may find that the person you want to conduct a transaction with is not ready to sign documents online.


Choice of the service supplier 

Depending on what the e-signature will be used for, we can choose different suppliers.


All information that is necessary for the implementation of an electronic signature can be obtained via:


How to get an electronic signature?


The first step is to answer the question: What will the electronic signature be used for?


If only to the contact with administration offices:

A trusted signature will be required, and to get one, you need a trusted profile. To do this, just go to the ePUAP website. The confirmation of your identity via online banking or in the station is necessary.


If to the business connections:

You can, among others, used Autentia’s online platform, which enables signing documents by ordinary electronic signature, as well as a qualified electronic signature. Now the obserwatorium.biz and Autentia’s offer is available. It includes a coupon for free training from the electronic signature. The combination of training and electronic signature in the cloud assures efficient implementation of electronic document circulation in your company.


And how to get the qualified electronic signature?

Secure digital signature – how to get it? Here the choice of the suppliers is limited to 5 companies functioning on the Polish market that are qualified suppliers of trust services. They are listed in the register of qualified suppliers on the National Certification Center website. To obtain a qualified electronic signature, you only have to go on one of the suppliers’ websites and buy a chosen e-signature certificate and fill up correct data via an online shop. The next step will be to verify your identity in the company’s facility or in the parter’s post – to do this, you will need your ID and PESEL number. After positive verification, you get a secure electronic signature.



A qualified electronic signature is credible in all European Union countries in which approximately 200 companies issued certificates to this kind of signatures.


Date of publication: 9.09.2020