How much does the electronic signature cost?

An electronic signature can be free or paid depends on the type. Usually, obtaining the electronic signature (precisely the opportunity to put a signature) is interlinked with additional costs. However, during the usage, the expense pays for itself very quickly.


What influences the electronic signature’s price?


Before presenting a cost estimate, you must answer the question: “Why do I need the electronic signature?”. If you need it only for contact with the public bureau, the free trusted profile is enough*. With its help, you can sign the correct documents.


While choosing the electronic signature for business contacts, future users may choose from several options:

  • qualified/non-qualified electronic signature
  • set with a reader and cryptographic card/electronic signature in cloud
  • payment for the single-use signature of certificate for 1, 2, or 3 years.


Not all providers offer each of these options. It is worth getting to know the digital services market and register of qualified trust services providers in order to choose the most convenient and cheapest option for your company.


*trusted profile is a solution used in public administration that can be used in electronic identification and putting an e-signature.


Cost of qualified electronic signature 


New certificate for qualified electronic signature, along with needed tools (cryptographic card, reader, software) amount to 300 zł per year. If a longer subscription is chosen – the annual price will be lower. After the qualified certificate expired, it should be renewed. Here costs will be lower and should not cross the 200 zł per year.


E-signature and savings 


The electronic signature’s price can seem high, however using correlate with considerable savings:

  • fewer expenses on office suppliers
  • lack of necessity for travel/shipping
  • lack of need to archive the paper versions of the documents
  • significant diminution of costs of document service (working time, printing or scanning)


Our calculations show that the company that handles around 600 documents per year can save almost 15 000 by implementation digital paper in this period of time. It is possible thanks to the special offer by and Autentia, by which additionally you get a coupon for free training:


Date of publication: 9.09.2020